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Lower Cost of Ownership

Use this calculator to learn how much your organization can save when elastomeric respirators such as the Advantage® 200 LS are included in your safety program.

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N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator


Elastomeric Respirator

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Cost comparison

N95 vs Elastomeric Respirator

N95 FFPs used / disposed

$13,750 / mo

$165,000 / yr

Elastomeric Year One Cost


$7,500 / yr

Annual Savings over N95


$157,500 / yr

Cost estimate based on user supplied data. Cost and savings are not guaranteed and this illustration accounts only for respirator and filter cost comparison vs. FFP. Estimate does not include costs for cleaning of elastomeric respirators or cost of disposal of FFP.

Annual Cost comparison

Elastomeric Respirator vs N95

5 Year saving projection

Elastomeric respirator vs n95

Frequency of Filter / Cartridge change is based on the individual facility policy. Conditions of individual breathing resistance or soiling of the filters may influence frequency of changeout.